Office Partitions

Glass Partitions Limerick

Clohessy Interiors specialise in office partitions in Limerick, Cork and throughout Munster.

Whether you are interested in glass partitions or metal partitions, with our glazed and metal stud partition walls there are no limits to what you can do. When operating processes or structures change, simply change the room layout to reflect this, quickly and without any waste.

Glass Partitions

Clohessy Interiors glass partition walls are designed to meet the most exacting quality standards. Attractive and superbly finished, we have glazed partitions tailored for any purpose.

Glass gives your partition walls a high-quality appearance and creates light, open rooms. Its soundproofing properties allow you to work undisturbed and in peace, ideal conditions for offices.

Irrespective of whether you wish to create colourful contrasts, integrate stencils or backpaint transparent partitions, every option is available to you with glass. Our glass partition walls also comply with fire protection regulations.

Metal Stud Partition

Clohessy Interiors use a high quality, high performance brand of metal stud partition system, making us first choice for performance, versatility and service in Limerick, Cork and throughout Munster.

A metal stud partition wall is ideal for use in a number of different applications, is easy and quick to install and can be designed to meet your specific personal requirements.

In a range of different materials, finishes and coatings, almost every design can become a reality. Neither do you need to forego transparency, simply combine your partition walls with glazing.