Ceiling Tiles

Ceiling Tiles

Clohessy Interiors & Ceilings use all major suppliers of ceiling tiles including Owa, Rockfon, Armstrong & AMF. Clohessy Interiors range of ceiling tiles offer total design freedom thanks to extensive choice of module sizes and edge details, allowing for innovative and inspirational ceilings.

You can also buy ceiling tiles directly from us at out Limerick depot. A comprehensive range of suspended ceiling tiles, grid and ancillary products are available from stock including mineral fibre, glass fibre, gypsum, metal and other specialist products where performance is required.


Our ceiling tile range offer a unique combination of the highest fire safety and sound absorption plus non-hygroscopic and dimensionally stable. All tiles have an attractive micro-textured, matt surface with enhanced cleanability.

Our Ceiling Tiles are made of stone wool (resin bonded mineral wool) meaning;

  • Moisture resistance up to 100% RH at 40 degrees centigrade
  • 100% dimensional stability (no sagging or warping)
  • Enhanced resistance to rot, fungi and bacteria
  • Optimal sound absorption
  • Optimal durability and cleanability
  • No cellulose fibre content